MyDlink home Home automation and security have seen increased demand and products in recent years. Miniaturization, WiFi, smartphones and cheap sensors have made it possible to keep an eye on your house while you are away.

Dlink has come forth with a bundeld home automation and security system called mydlink Home. The package consists of an HD wireless (but powered by wire) camera, a motion sensor and a domotica device to turn power on/off for connected devices.

Products involved:mydlinkhome 
Here’s the description of the mydlink Home products involved:

1x mydlink Home Monitor HD DCS-935L
1x mydlink Home WiFi motion sensor DCH-S150
1x mydlink Home Smart Plug DSP-W215

What’s in the box 
1x mydlink Home Monitor HD DCS-935L
1x mydlink Home WiFi motion sensor DCH-S150
1x mydlink Home Smart Plug DSP-W215
Manuals for the above products

First impressionsmydlinkhome-products02-DSC_3997
All three devices are in separate boxes. Everything is neatly packaged and includes a complete manual for installation. As all three devices only need power, and two of the three (Smart Plug and motion sensor) plug directly into the power socket, there’s little wiring involved. That’s convenient for those who don’t like to deal with wiring, or the looks of multiple wires in their home. Setting upmydlinkhome-remotesensor-06-DSC_4003
Set up of all three devices is fairly straightforward. Install the mydlink Home app, plug in your device and scan the QR-code on the product card. The code is unique per device and activates it over your WiFi at home. Here’s the activation card for the motion sensor: In use
When devices are installed after you open the app, you are greeted with the three devices:
Screenshot_2015-02-24-19-16-22Each devices allows for its own specific configuration. For example, with the camera, you can select which area should be the sensitive area for notifications:

This is convenient when there’s a specific area the camera covers that should be monitored for movement. Video feed quality is good, with HD resolution and enough fps to keep you happy. Nice feature: if needed, you can make an instant screenshot of the video feed if something’s happening.

The same convenience with configuring goes for the audio monitoring. You can raise the threshold at which you receive a notification, to prevent ‘false positives’ reporting on your smartphone every few minutes:

Another cool option in the app is the Actions section. Here you can either combine devices to activate (for example, let the motion sensor turn on the lights via the smart plug), or set alerts:
Screenshot_2015-02-22-13-06-12These alerts will send notifications to you in the regular iOS and Android way. Here’s an example of the Android alert notifications from the mydlinkhome app:
Screenshot_2015-02-24-19-14-50This alert tells you that two devices were disconnected, for example.

The question is of course whether this will suit your needs at home with regards to monitoring, controlling power and alerting in case necessary. Onward to the conclusion! Conclusionmydlinkhome-camera-05-DSC_4006
For basic home automation and monitoring, the devices work well. Both the camera, the motion sensor and the smart plug all functioned properly during the test. The app itself is fairly straightforward with a few options per device, like described above. This should keep most people happy when they are stepping into home domotica and monitoring for the first time.
For some it might seem too basic, or they might not feel too happy with their video and audio feeds being sent to the Dlink-servers first. This is of course necessary to show those feeds in the app on your smartphone. It’s a matter of privacy and the question whether you are ok with that data being sent elsewhere first before you receive it.
The total bundle would set you back about 160 to 200 euros, but for that you get 3 devices that work well and deliver on their promise. Pros
Good app with some nice features and actions
Reasonably priced
Easy set-up
Quality feed of video and audio

Might be a bit too basic for the more demanding users
Some privacy concerns with home data being sent to external servers

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