After reading so much about it, we got the honor to review the Casio EQB-500.
Smartwatches come in diffrent sizes and materials nowadays. With smartscreens and the regular analog screens. The Casio EQB-500 brings the definition of “smart” to a whole different level. In this review you can read what our findings were and what our conclusion is regarding this watch.

Unboxing IMAG1868
First of all I want to talk about the “box” we received the watch in. A cilinder box with a metal look. In my opinion a very manly look for a box. It made me very curious and made me want to get the watch out immediately to put it around my wrist. And so I did!

The watch
With a weight of approx. 199 gr. you definitely have something around your wrist. The solid silver stainless steel wristband looks very durable. The clock module is also made of stainless steel and contains alphaGel which makes the watch more shockproof. The alphaGEL is a silicone mat, which is extremely flexible, and serves as a protective buffer for the module.IMAG1867

The Casio EQB-500 comes in several different colors and styles. The glass used for this watch is Sapphire Crystal glass. A very durable type of glass and scratch resistant. The size of the clock module is approx. 52mm x 48,1mm x 14,1mm.

Casio is one of the most popular watchmakers out there, if not THE most popular one (in my eyes). The usage of the watches is well known to the majority of watch wearers around the world. But for this watch you need a whole different manual and offcourse not to forget, a smartdevice with the Casio+ app installed. The watch connects via bluetooth 4.0. We have tested the Casio EQB-500 with a HTC One (M7).

The watch worked perfectly with the app on the mobile phone. When it connected via bluetooth, the watch started turning to the right date and time. Pretty cool! And it comforts me to know that I don’t have to set my watch manually when going on vacation. It sets the date and time automaticly. So no worries!

IMAG1869_1Some of the functions of the Casio Edifice EQB-500 below:
A second time-zone can be set up – Airplane mode
Stopwatch – E-mail indicator
Display of day and date – Phone Finder
Alarm – Speedometer
Bleutooth 4.0 – Automatic calender
And offcourse waterproof (10 bar / 100 meters)

For some of you who are wondering what the speedometer does:
The average speed for a travelled distance can be measured. Simply by entering the distance at the beginning and then at the start and upon reaching the destination, press the stopwatch and the average speed will be displayed immediately.

Battery / LightenergyScreenshot_2015-01-18-12-57-42
The battery used in the Casio EQB-500 is a CTL1616 battery. The watch uses Lightenergy to provide it with “green” energy. It uses solar cells to provide the energy. The solar cells provide an independent and environmentally friendly power for the watch. Surplus solar energy is stored in a battery. This way you don’t have to be scared that your watch will ever run out of battery.

The Casio EQB-500 is primairly made for people who travel alot. It is a descend watch in use and meets the expectations. Although there is still alot of work to be done. The watch doesn’t seem to work properly with bluetooth. Which in my opinion is the most important function of the watch. The version of the watch we tested costs € 299,-(apr

il 2015), which is a lot of money for a watch in comparison with some others in it’s class. The other versions differ in price from € 400 to € 700.
If you want a watch that is durable and does time and date without you having to concern wether it’s set correct or not? Then you may consider buying this watch. It is a decend watch with functions which exceeds some functions of the already existing watches.

Pro’s and cons
+ Design
+ Durability
– Bluetooth not working properly
– Price

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